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Hello. My name is Mellissa.

That isn’t a misspell, it was intentional, and not mine. A lifetime annoyance turned litmus, an easy way to get a little insight into people that see it written.

In emails for instance, the majority “correct” this error to Melissa, or they don’t notice or perhaps care, blurring their way through the day. Few question and fewer actually stick with it. If it were a less known name perhaps this wouldn’t be the case.

It is just one letter, apparently seen as a trifle but it isn’t. It is proof of attention to detail or the lack thereof. That little irk I used to feel is now just insight one way or another and an important lesson on how the small things matter to people.

Attention to detail does really matter, down to one little letter in a string of others, silly and trivial as that may be.

Relating to Salient 3D, every step of our process is attended to down to the letter so we can do our best to create targeted media with a focused message that viewers, prospects, clients, and customers will react to as intended.